Germany SACHS brand shock absorber

Subaru XV also has a comparison value is that the low with the car and the high with the same car power, the standard is 2.0L horizontal opposed four-cylinder engine, the maximum power and peak torque were 150 horsepower and 196 cattle meters, With a CVT CVT. Horizontal opposed to the engine center of gravity lower, less vibration. Vertical and horizontal stadium for many years, Subaru understanding of the movement quite in place, its models of the chassis adjustment quite achievements. As we all know, Subaru XV chassis from the Subaru Impreza. The front suspension is a McPherson independent suspension and the rear suspension is a double wishbone independent suspension. The front suspension can make more of the interior space, the rear suspension in the corner with the road contact more wide and more secure. Sports performance in the same level which is quite prominent, absolutely meet the desire to manipulate.