BRZ type-RS yellow special edition models

Of course, if XV is not enough to stimulate, then it must be on the BRZ. Subaru BRZ type-RS can be seen as a high version of the new BRZ, in December last year, had released BRZ type-RS yellow special edition models. Bright yellow body coating has been quite bright, the car's sports seats, door handles and so on are yellow embellishment, and limited edition in China 80, can be described as a gimmick full. And now again evolved. The new car is still the continuation of the BRZ overseas version of the design, and the last special yellow version of the same, an increase of aluminum alloy after the spoiler, floating design to increase the rear of the body pressure. Another exclusive configuration is the German SACHS brand shock absorber, but also fully absorb the vibration and control the bumps, enhance the ride when the ride comfort. Coupled with the use of the enhanced 2.0L engine, the maximum horsepower of 200, the peak torque of 205 Nm, matching is still cash on the 6-speed manual and 6-speed manual gearbox. In the control of the sensitivity and stability of the drive was optimized to enhance.