McLaren super sports car series

Excellent engine efficiency is not only reflected in superior acceleration performance, but also excellent emission parameters: In the new European travel cycle test (NEDC), the new McLaren 720S integrated fuel efficiency of 10.7 liters / 100 km, carbon dioxide emissions only For 249 g / km. Since 1993, McLaren F1 models since the birth of each McLaren road sports car are equipped with carbon fiber chassis, laid the British super sports car brand in the field of carbon fiber technology, a solid foundation. The new 720S body structure followed the brand expertise, using carbon fiber core and the upper structure of the McLaren for buy nissan coilovers second generation of carbon fiber single cockpit, lightweight technology cast the strength of the body strength and body hardness, is the ideal super sports car selected. At the same time, lightweight aluminum alloy material is also widely used to build chassis and body panels. As the most driving experience with the McLaren super sports car series models for nissan coilovers online, the new 720S set a remarkable control benchmark, with a strong grip, balanced performance and excellent performance filling extraordinary strength. The new vehicle's aerodynamic efficiency is twice that of 650S and uses a new generation of McLaren active chassis control system, a new suspension system, a mature electronic hydraulic power steering system, with unparalleled dynamic performance for nissan damper coilovers, excellent vehicle experience The Driving cockpit atmosphere comfortable, in the driving field of vision, ride space and comfort for the super sports car market segments set a new benchmark. With the whole set of advanced convenience technology, the new McLaren 720S to achieve the imagination of practicality, "Almighty King" ultra-running title deserved reputation.