McLaren's static active headlamp technology

The new McLaren 720S is equipped with the brand's first static static headlight (Static Adaptive Headlights) technology, according to the steering wheel adjustment, by adjusting the light intensity of the turn signal to optimize the headlamp lighting effect. Each headlight contains 17 LED light sources, of which 5 for the basic static lighting, the remaining 12 can be based on the direction of the front of the vehicle to achieve the light to follow the vehicle turning lighting effect, in order to improve the road lighting. During the acceleration of the vehicle from the standstill to the maximum speed, McLaren's static active headlamp technology for bmw coilovers improves the driver's visibility and improves driving safety and comfort while cornering. Other road users will also benefit from the fact that they can understand the road conditions earlier and more clearly. Whether in low beam or high beam lighting, static active headlamps can increase the visual distance ahead of the vehicle by increasing the illumination intensity by 0.5 degrees. When the new 720S speeds up to 110 km / h (68 mph), the system will enhance the front lighting effect and increase the driver's attention. Although the new 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine for bmw adjustable coilovers on the cooling effect of the request has improved, but thanks to the butterfly door double-layer shape, the new car in the charming waist line but instead of the side of the air intake design. The fast-flowing air is guided around the smooth A-pillar and into the channel that is hidden inside the door, achieving optimum engine for bmw shock absorber cooling without increasing the size and quality of the radiator.