Streaming media gave birth to new changes

A simple radio to bring people to the changes are earth-shaking, and this change is behind the car companies began to pay attention to people in the second demand for mobile homes, set off a prelude to the car system war. Although the car radio applications more and more widely, a variety of music radio is also endless, but the drawbacks with the time began to show. Second, FM FM can not transmit more content, such as music name, artist, lyrics and other information, the third, FM FM radio transmission distance is too short wholesale 2203205113, the national radio frequency radio and other radio Radio stations can only be deployed through the base station. The Norwegian government announced in early 2017 will gradually close the domestic FM FM, the future use of pure digital technology to replace the traditional FM radio technology, this change has also attracted worldwide attention. However, this trend has had signs, such as Apple took the lead in the abolition of the traditional radio equipment fit benz w220 front air suspension. In Steve Jobs's view, the world will enter the new "mobile Internet era", relying on streaming media, we can not only provide a wider variety of content, you can also pass a variety of information, more importantly, it will break through the geographical restrictions. This thinking turned the world into an APP world. In the past, the phone is just a communication device, but after the introduction of App, like a kaleidoscope, a variety of services flocked, and now the house began to be equipped with a variety of app, fit s class w220 front air suspension this APP and the car began to get through, Smart home began to come.