Buick launched the central control panel HMI patent

Steve Jobs's idea coincides with Buick. Buick aware of the future of the car mobile Internet will be more and more strong, the car system will be earth-shaking changes. This trend, the car companies need to have a more appropriate man-machine vehicle system, which is not just to accept the content increased, mainly need to control the content increased, it is time to re-set the traditional control logic. Buick launched the central control panel HMI patent fit benz s class air suspension, the main logic behind this patent has become "in the right place can always get the right information." In recent years, we can see all the models in the control screen are constantly moving up, air-conditioning outlet began to both sides, this design logic is to avoid the driver shift the line of sight fit benz w220 front air shocks, GM also began in the instrument panel LCD screen integration A lot of information. Even so, the traditional control panel still can not meet the needs of many people, the pain point is that the data is not real-time transmission, the other is that compatibility with the phone is not enough. GM established a 4G LTE high-speed mobile communication center for the car. When the car has the data, all vision can become a reality. At the same time open Carplay and Carlife and other mobile phone mapping platform fit benz w220 front air strut, so that a variety of services through a variety of APP to achieve, even in the consumer needs special services only need to buy a specific APP, the car into an open platform.