Po Chun 510 design

Po Chun 510 is a recent relatively small fire SUV, the highest less than 70,000, and the configuration level is very rich. Newcomers are not good, how to see the elderly? Price warfare is not a wise way to hurt each other, to enhance competitiveness can also have other ways, such as Changan CS15 to provide users with customized services, but also a new game, to better meet the individual needs. The comparison of the two models a little mean, a luxury called, a luxury version called, in the end who is more "luxury" it? These two are small SUV, CS15's body is more mainstream, 510 is the type of superfluous, as a late person, the body has the advantage is also very normal thing. This article compared the two models are 2017 Po Chun 510 1.5L manual luxury (official guide price 69,800, hereinafter referred to as 510), 2016 Changan CS15 1.5L manual luxury version (official guide price of 68,900, hereinafter referred to as CS15). The appearance of these two models are original, and are more successful examples. CS15 appearance is more moderate type, most consumers can accept. In contrast, the design of 510 seems to be more avant-garde, more able to please young consumers. For the appearance of this thing, everyone has their own taste and style, here is just chatting, you can judge their own.