510 tire flat ratio is greater

Domestic consumers like to buy a car after the window glass film, the main purpose is sunscreen, but also will have an impact on the line of sight, especially at night, is not conducive to traffic safety. I think really want to foil, then at least the front side of the glass and the front side of the window do not paste, try to reduce the impact of the rear window is not a matter of course, paste it anyway. For the 510 users, in fact, this demand, because the original rear window glass is already dark glass. In fact, I quite like the configuration of the skylight, especially the panoramic sunroof, one can make the car more translucent, open ventilation and ventilation is also great. But this is only my personal preferences, many consumers are not cold on the skylight, do not even want to worry about the use of a long time will be leaking, afraid of trouble. It is love, choose their favorite like, 510 with the original models equipped with panoramic sunroof is a big bright spot, CS15 are not equipped with all the skylights, but provides the opportunity to choose, 3,000 yuan of the optional fee is not Expensive, the user can choose according to their own preferences, but also a good thing. Two tires tread width of 205mm, the wheels are also 16 inches, but the 510 tire flat ratio is greater, that is to say the wheel diameter larger, open up should be no different, but it will look a little bit , Can also be understood as a better look, a little bit.