Three doors designed cool enough

At the same time we write this article, we obtained from the concept of this concept car design rendering. From the figure we can see, relative to the concept of the existing models, the concept car is more low movement, more like a sports car. Body surface deliberately using a diagonal texture, representing the use of carbon fiber vehicles body. Body design quite science fiction, trendy, cool. The driver has only one door on the side and two on the other side. The number of three doors is a bright spot, the door is open way cool, the main driving the door with flying wing design fit Subaru Impreza Shock Absorber, from the bottom up to open, while the other side of the two doors were designed to open the door. This design, with the current standard to see quite radical and forward-looking, but taking into account the production of mass production in a few years later, when the young consumers for the product requirements will be more fashion trendy, more sense of science and technology fit Coilovers GC8, so This design is likely to attract young consumers in the future. The concept of text given by the text shows that the car in addition to the current mainstream of the ordinary wired and high-power fast charge, but also equipped with a wireless charging module, which means that the future consumers only need to stop the car Set up a matching wireless charging device parking spaces, the vehicle can automatically charge, eliminating the need to plug each plug the trouble. In other words, for consumers who have a fixed family parking space fit Subaru Impreza Coilovers for sale, it is possible to completely eliminate the trouble of manual charging every day, and it is more convenient than a fuel truck.