All Thai sesame electric car price announced

On the evening of April 7, 2017, Zhongtai Sesame was officially listed. Zhongtai Sesame was built on the SESA @ ME platform and could be regarded as a modified model of Sesame E30. The appearance of the new car and sesame E30 basically consistent, but in front of the fog lamp around the increase in the blue decorative pieces, more prominent its new energy vehicles identity. In addition, the Thai tinga with three 2 design, the body is very small, suitable for commuting in the city. , Compared to sesame E30, all sesame seeds in the car changes are not many, the same is an increase of some blue decorative strip, flat interior design style and air conditioning outlet shape and Tesla some similar. In addition, the middle of the 10.1-inch screen is very eye-catching, but also the biggest bright spot. In the configuration, the control screen integrates Bluetooth, reversing images and GPS navigation and other functions. Zhongtai sesame seeds with three yuan polymer lithium battery, the highest battery life up to 190km (the Ministry of Industry mileage 150km). Power, the new car with the most high-power 40 horsepower motor, the maximum speed of 100km / h.