Zhongtai sesame competitor

Zhongtai sesame seeds are Zhongtai's pure electric mini-car, positioning slightly lower than the same door Xionghai E200. The new car is built on the SESA @ ME platform. It is equipped with 3-door 2-seat design, front front layout, and an AC induction motor. It can be regarded as a modified model of Sesame E30. Compared with the knowledge of beans D2 and Chery eQ1, Zhongtai sesame seeds in the body size is not dominant. Power, the new car in the power, torque and other parameters higher than the knowledge beans D2, and in the mileage and charging time, the three can not draw the gap between each other. In the configuration, the public Tai Sesame and competitors are also compared to each other. However, this level of miniature pure electric vehicles, the most important competition seems to be more "Meng", from this level point of view, this "sesame" competitiveness is also good. Zhongtai sesame seeds inherited the sesame E30 mantle, in the appearance and interior decoration lines through the emphasis on the characteristics of pure electric vehicles, coupled with the appearance of more Meng, to some extent to avoid the miniature electric car was used as an old man's embarrassment dilemma The At the same time, for those who do not shake the "blue card" of the city people, the highest 190km of life with a flexible stature, down can be used as a commuter of the city can still choose.