Mushan Hallmark Limited Edition

The Shanghai auto show, the Bentley mans hallmark limited edition officially released in the country, the car to the rare precious metal design inspiration, divided into golden and silver version, the global limited sale of 50. The current auto show is the golden version of the model (right, the next figure is the "golden version"). This limited edition model of the overall design by Bentley exclusive custom Mulliner hand-made, the whole car selection of top jewelry brand exquisite precious metals and other luxury materials. Bentley's unique retractable wings "B" logo is made of sterling silver, the side of the car engraved with "Commissioned" logo, the other side is cut engraved with "By Mulliner" words, highlights the Hallmark limited edition of the unique distinguished identity Silver version turbocharger suppliers of the models are decorated with a longitudinal body of the golden or silver fine lines, fine lines stripes to hand-inkjet, the appearance of the paint can choose two-tone or single-tone paint. While the dazzling 21-inch alloy polished rim with a unique Mulliner grille, Bentley will contain the ultimate luxury to the extreme. In the cockpit, Mougun Hallmark limited edition front and rear seats with full contrasting contrast leather color material decoration, customers can customize their own preferences according to their own color scheme. Exquisite gold / silver embroidery replacement turbo, quilted pattern and piping design elements for the ingenuity of the overall interior design brings the finishing touch. The car dashboard engraved with "Mulliner" inlaid logo, all the door waist by the silver or gold-plated trim decoration. In addition, the top of the welcome lighting pedal will be marked with a model number (for example, "1 of 50" - limited to 50 units / 1). In terms of power, the Mougun Hallmark limited edition continues to carry a 6.8T V8 engine turbo aftermarket (6.75L) with a maximum power output of 512 hp and a peak torque of 1020 Nm. The drive system matches the ZF's 8-speed automatic transmission. According to official news, Hallmark limited edition car customization can cover Mu Shang all models.