Rinspeed Etos concept car

The Rinspeed Etos concept car was officially released in China at the Shanghai auto show. The new car is based on the BMW i8 and is equipped with autopilot. Appearance, the new car, although based on the BMW i8 to build, but the overall new design, in addition to the headlamps group is difficult to see its similarities with the i8, which the new car tail a new design, looks more exaggerated. In addition the new car buy replacement turbos is still designed at the top of a UAV, the UAV shot photos and video released to the network to share and so on. Interior, the new car with a new design, looks full of future sense, the console and equipped with two 21.5-inch large size LCD screen, while the new car's car system also supports voice, gestures and touch control mode. One of the new steering wheel design like a keyboard buy turbos online, you can control a number of operations. At the same time this ZF TRW provides a folding and telescopic steering wheel, in the open autopilot mode, the steering wheel can be shrunk to give the driver to bring more space. Technology, the new car also has a smart phone wireless charging, smart key remote start and unlock and personalized charging and other functions. Power, the new car is equipped with plug-in hybrid system turbos online, is expected to remain consistent in the BMW i8.