Bertas no Fantasy for Teammates

Bertas said he did not have any illusions about the situation between him and F1 opponents - including Hamilton - he knew that once the competition became intense, the relationship could be "more tricky."
When asked what Hamilton had said to him in the check-in area, Bertas said, "He congratulated me, and now he is so professional to deal with all things, which is very good, and now he is in front of me ... ... he made the perfect job, I would like to vice versa.
"So I think we work together well as a team, but I will say that we are doing it today to fight the Ferrari driver, which will Custom Connecting Rods be a long year and we will have a lot of confrontation with these cars.
"At some point, some of the things on the track may be more subtle - and, if, or when it comes to championship scrambling, it may be less, and more on the track."
However, the Mercedes-Benz leader that the first game did not have any impact, he himself believes that he will dig out from the new self-confidence.
Such a strong victory to enhance his confidence, but also let him desire to win again.
"There is no doubt that getting the first win is a very special thing," he said. "Even if you always believe in yourself, because if you are not confident in your own technology, you have no reason to be here.If you feel you can not win the game, then you should be nestled at home.
"But, in fact, get confirmation and get grades (very important) because the score is the key, how many points you have gained, how many games you won, and how many times you boarded the podium - it was the game.
"And get the first win, it gives me confidence, I always know that they have this ability.But now, it is achieved, I just want to do it again and again. This year is not easy. At least in the first half, This will be a fierce fight and will be a war between four different riders.