Parts are the global procurement OEMs play what role?

What is a car OEM?
Car OEMs, that is, consumers in the eyes of the manufacturers or brands, the main functions are:
Product development and design
Supply chain resource integration
Integrated vehicle assembly
Distribution management of distribution channels.
The OEM is not specifically responsible for the manufacture and manufacture of auto parts, only responsible for the construction of the frame and vehicle assembly and commissioning. Cars as a Seiko goods that there are tens of thousands of parts, the OEM can not have all the parts of the production equipment and workers, the cost is too high. Therefore, the global procurement is the commercial society Seiko manufacturing industry commonly used in the production model, including mobile phones, cars, and even Airbus, satellite (doping political factors except technical blockade).
How does the OEM and supplier work together?
The parts supplier is a sole proprietorship company that supplies parts to the OEMs, orders in the OEM parts of the OEM, and then manufactures and supplies them. The two through the contract to achieve mutual coordination of work, is a simple business relationship, not a close partnership or affiliated companies. If you are Germany, ZF, Siemens, Japan Denso such industry giants, otherwise, parts of the quality of the batch, the main plant minutes in accordance with the contract kick you, no good talk , The most typical example is the year's high field Air Suspension Bag event.
Previously, the OEM will be out of some parts of the design, suppliers do according to do, the product can meet the requirements of the former, and the normal supply can be. Now, many OEMs only out of a framework or standard, suppliers
to assume the details of product design, manufacturing, testing, quality assurance, timely supply and after-sales service of all responsibility, and even need to manage and coordinate lower-level suppliers, Which is to monitor the
production and supply of parts and components. This is because with the manufacturing process and improve the quality requirements, the OEM in the design and manufacture of experience and attainments have been less dedicated to steep a
spare parts for many years the supplier, since it has been less professional, it simply out of the whole, Only responsible for the standard plus acceptance.
For example, the French PSA and Nissan Renault Union, with Delphi in the electronics, fuel supply, body trim, transmission, engine injection systems and other areas of common research and development.
Europe and the United States and most of the domestic OEMs and suppliers of cooperation between the model, the Japanese car factory and the relationship between suppliers is slightly different. Toyota, Honda and Mazda are part of the
closed supply chain approach. The major OEMs will choose their own suppliers, each master factory has a complete and relatively stable supply system. And for suppliers, as long as the access to the supply network means that long-term stable supply, at the same time, the OEM will also be involved in the transformation of the product to the development of enterprises, and even mutual holdings. Popular say, is a boat on the people, stick with the lead, the relationship between ambiguous.
For example, Nippon Denso invested a lot of businesses in the country, its function is to produce a variety of parts and components around the Japanese manufacturers, and in accordance with the requirements of the OEMs to upgrade parts
and transformation. In other words, the Japanese Denso in the domestic business is built on the Japanese car sales on the basis of the Japanese car in the country can not go on, the Japanese Denso in the same domestic also can not go on, and Europe and the United States suppliers are completely absent Such a problem, will not hang in a tree.
With the change in vehicle production leading position, parts and components enterprises in the automotive output value and technology research and development in the proportion of growing, similar to ZF, Bosch, the mainland, Denso
BOSS-class suppliers, the company volume And not more than the public, GM, Toyota, such as the host factory how much, just as consumers we are concerned about the overall performance of the product and the brand behind it.