Generate Power Coilover Let Car Have Emotion

<br />Drawing on the new field of weight loss technology, the use of epoxy resin and carbon fiber plastic bonded automotive parts, the latest Acadia (Acadia) the final weight loss of more than 300 kg, a substantial increase in fuel efficiency.<br />In the process of making a car, it is very dangerous to "stick" the parts to reduce the weight. But in fact in the field of machinery, the use of advanced, advanced adhesive manufacturing vehicles is not a fresh attempt. Boeing Dreamliner began using a super-superglue as early as 2009.<br />The use of epoxy resin and carbon fiber reinforced plastic to produce aircraft shells is the two major reasons for the success of fantasy aircraft. Because these materials do not need so much maintenance, and lighter weight, fuel efficiency is higher.<br />The working principle of this method is as follows: carbon fiber using ultra-high temperature heating, and with the integration of epoxy resin, the result of the process is to produce a new composite plastic, tough and light, this composite material with the appearance of black cloth Tape (duct tape) is very similar. The robot can stack this new tape layer by layer, of course, generally around a mold until they form an aircraft component. After the assembly is formed, it is placed in an autoclave for further reinforcement.<br />Now, General Motors has begun to draw on this idea, and this process applied to the car. However, the outside world is not clear whether GM and Boeing fantasy aircraft exactly the same process, the use of strong glue and lightweight materials to achieve the purpose of weight loss, and perhaps also to improve the process.<br />The toughness of the new material means that General Motors will reduce the use of steel in the production of the latest Arcadia. Although the new material in the thickness of the original steel material is not much difference (only about the original material about a hair thickness), but in terms of weight, the two are worlds apart.<br />The latest Arcadia will be 700 pounds (about 318 kilograms) lighter than the older version of Arcadia! This burden means that car operations will be more efficient.<br />The new Arcadia fuel efficiency will reach only 10.3 liters per 100 km fuel consumption (23MPG), older than 13.1 liters per 100 km (18MPG) increased by about 28%. Therefore, the use of resin materials to bring the benefits of immediate, for the car lightweight, fuel efficiency are not a small help.<br />Fruit fiber plastic to build environmentally friendly cars<br />The effect of fruit is far more than food is so simple. Scientists claim that cars that could be made from pineapples and bananas could travel on the road in just two years.<br />This can be regarded as a super green technology innovation, Brazilian researchers hope to use plant fiber, as a new generation of car's main body material. They believe that this material in the near future, not only can be used to manufacture car body, can also be used to make engine parts.<br />The researchers developed a plastic fiber reinforced plastic, and has passed the car manufacturer's test, perhaps two years can be formally used in the automotive industry. It is understood that the professionals who led the study said that the use of pineapple, banana and other fruits from the extraction of fiber made of plastic has a strong firmness.<br />"The properties of these plastics are unbelievable, they are very light but very strong - four times stronger than plastic, but the weight is 30% lighter," the researchers said.<br />They believe that this material made of fruit in the future will be used to manufacture a variety of automotive parts, including dashboard and bumper and so on. On the other hand can reduce the weight, thereby enhancing fuel efficiency.<br />In the study the team has been trying different plant fiber, hoping to find stronger, lighter and more environmentally friendly materials. At present, the most promising raw materials are pineapple leaves and stems, and other very good raw materials are bananas, coconut shells and other plants.<br />So far, research has focused on replacing plant fiber components, but in the future, these plant fiber materials may be replaced by steel and aluminum for wider use. In addition, this material also has potential potential for medical applications.<br />A New Type of Damping System Using Road Bump<br />Audi has recently opened a new damping system "eROT system" that converts the up and down movement of the car body caused by road bumps into electricity, which is expected to improve ride comfort while ensuring ride comfort.<br />It uses an electric <a href="">Coilovers</a> to replace the original hydraulic shock absorber, in the vibration attenuation while recovering energy. In addition, it is possible to realize the independent stroke control of the drawing side and the contraction side which are difficult to realize by the software setting.<br />The eROT system consists of an alternator, a gear unit, and a lever arm that connects the gear unit to the hub frame. During operation, the movement of the upper and lower directions from the hub frame is first controlled by the lever arm, converted into rotational motion by the gear unit, and then the rotary motion is converted into electric power by the alternator.<br />And the original hydraulic <a href="">Coilovers Shocks</a> will be up and down the direction of vibration into heat after the abandon, the Cheap Coilover system can effectively use this energy.<br />Audi said the road test conducted in Germany showed that 3W of electricity could be regenerated on highways with good pavement and 613W of electricity could be regenerated on rough roads with an average of 100 to 150W of electricity.<br />According to this result, in the usual driving operation, the maximum reduction of 3 grams per kilometer of carbon dioxide. Audi designed the damping system to support the 48V system, with regenerative power for 48V power supply charge.<br />Currently used for the vehicle with a capacity of 0.5kWh, the maximum output power of 13kW lithium-ion battery. In addition, the 48V secondary power supply system, which includes the new system, is connected to the 12V mains system via a DC converter.<span id="transmark"></span><br />Another feature of the eROT system is the active control of the suspension. Since it is possible to freely control the damper mechanism that attenuates the vibration by software, it is also expected to improve ride comfort. For example, by means of software settings to reduce the body up the movement of the stretch side of the trip, and at the same time increase the ease of riding comfort of the contraction side of the trip, which can reduce the body in the vertical direction of the shaking.<br />Audi believes that by arranging the electric damper in the horizontal direction, it is possible to save the retractable space as compared with the conventional system in which the hydraulic damper is vertically arranged. Moreover, when the system is used for the rear wheels, it can also contribute to the expansion of the capacity of the luggage compartment.<br />Use AI to let the car have "feelings"<br />Honda's R &amp; D center will work with Japanese Softbank, using artificial intelligence technology to develop a system that will enable the car to infer the driver's feelings and communicate with the driver, called the "emotional engine."<br />Honda is actively preparing and is scheduled to set up a new artificial intelligence research and development base in Tokyo in September this year, continue to focus on AI technology research and development, and strive to build a new relationship between people and vehicles, this joint research project is to promote AI technology open innovation One of the important initiatives.<br />Designed by the company's cocoro SB company, Softbank Robot's humanoid robot "Pepper" is equipped with the technology, according to the sensor to obtain information and information on the network, etc., Generate "like", "happy", "uneasy" and other virtual feelings.<br />The specific content of the cooperation project is to use the voice dialogue between the driver and a variety of mobile sensors, cameras and other equipment information, the driver guess the driver's emotions, and with the emotional dialogue.<br />This not only allows the vehicle to share driving experience with the driver, but also to promote mutual growth, and then let the driver of the vehicle partner-like feelings.<br />The technique can take care of the driver's emotions and then give the vehicle's own emotions to talk with the driver. So that it can form a more interesting interaction. For example, you have just left Starbucks, also took a large cup of drinks on hand, when you are ready to drive to leave, she will suggest you go to the nearest toilet.<br />In the near future, I do not know whether Pepper's car will like the people of Los Angeles, and infected with road disease.<br /><br />