Faraday future: will raise $ 1 billion Jayou Ting no additional funds

Has been in the cusp of public opinion, this week has spread money chain tension, a Coilovers Shocks substantial layoffs of the news. So the car in the United States partner Faraday Future (Faraday Future) also selected to start looking for new financing.
Farah's future round of plans to raise $ 1 billion, is looking for investors in the process. As the original general manager of Jaying Ting before the individual name to Faraday future investment of 300 million US dollars, is still its shareholders, but the future will not be additional funds.
Faraday's first model FF 91 in January this year, the United States CES Coilovers Shocks show debut, known as the world's fastest electric car, reaching 1050 horsepower. According to Faraday's official statement that the future of its production plan did not receive music as the impact of layoffs, there is still confidence in the 2018 to FF 91 on the road.
May 21, Jia Yue Ting resigned from the music as general manager of the duties, as chairman of the board. Colleagues, Music announced a large layoffs in North America 325 people, closed the R & D team, including the North American R & D department head, former high-pass high-level Rob Chandhok, including a number of executives left.