Audi Will See Traffic Lights By Itself Next Year

Recently, the Audi official released a long video in the ad, introduced the 2018 Q5 important selling point. Audi Q5 in the country, but the annual sales of 100,000 grade star products, and 2018 models will also be put into operation at the end of this year in Foshan factory, there is no reason not to study the study.
Storm from the Xi, the family heritage of the design
Suddenly, many people will think that the new Q5 and now the domestic generation did not replace the Wholesale Auto Parts old models look exactly the same, this design of the new trend is called "Porsche rules", that is, like 911, although each generation are more With a sense of the design of the times, but the overall shape of the same, to increase brand awareness.
The biggest change in appearance, is a sideways sideways line, this line is Audi called "storm line", this line to join the body more aggressive and powerful sense, and angular more clear headlights and The air grille forms a system. Function, this line also increased the rigidity of the body side.
Look up with the whole LCD instrument to take care of your eyes
As early as this generation of updated A4 and MAGOTAN models, we have seen the public this set of mainstream LCD instrument, the whole by a 12.3-inch main instrument and 8.3-inch center console screen combination, the whole LCD instrument , For more intelligent device data display and interaction provides a platform.
And the traditional driving parameters and other basic data, and gradually transferred to the HUD head to complete the display, which has become the standard of high-end models this year.
Full touch air conditioning operation
In the original air conditioning mechanical buttons, Audi joined the touch layer, by sliding on the button can also trigger more operations.
In fact, this can be regarded as a cross-border technology and automotive cross-border a good example of the key with a touch in the first Nokia and BlackBerry full keyboard phone can be seen, and BMW has long been in the control plus a similar function.
Larger MMI operating space
This year's Car Tuning Parts new models which have a wave of interaction, that is, from the traditional key mode of operation more and more, similar to voice, gesture operation, in addition to appear more sense of science and technology, but also because the current need to pass the amount of information is too large Rely on the key operation is too complicated.
Reflected in the Q5, is the original touchpad area becomes larger, in the center console position has also been pushed to the front position, in addition, is to rely on touch the content made by the control becomes more.
More driving mode options
With the new air suspension system, the 2018 Q5 will offer more driving options, including off-road, comfortable, automatic, sport and custom.
Quattro Ultra, more fuel-efficient four-wheel drive system
New Q5 four-wheel drive system changes have long been in the Q5 user group fried pot, the general view is that the new Q5 four-wheel drive system off-road performance worse.
This is true, because the original Quattro Ultra called the four-wheel drive system is the original purpose is to save fuel. As the previous mechanical differential lock into the electronic, the new system to do in the two-wheel drive mode after the spindle independent rotation, rather than as before, but also drive the drive shaft, so every hundred kilometers can save fuel 0.3 liters.
The advantage of this set of four-wheel drive system is enough intelligence, the system will assess the status of a vehicle every 10 milliseconds to see if it is necessary to start the four-wheel drive, if the feeling of the vehicle has approached the limit, then the four-wheel drive system automatically standby, the other through the V2X system, It is also possible to automatically switch Performance Tuning Parts between the front and the like depending on the position of the vehicle.
And to the bad road, this set of four-wheel drive is indeed a little problem, not only the ability to break the storm is not strong, but also showed a significant characteristics of the former car, but for the target users Q5, really someone will drive this cross country to go?
 V2I system enabled, the vehicle learn to see their own traffic lights
In the car network has been fried hot today, V2X this concept has been well known. And V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure) is a subsidiary subordinate, meaning the vehicle connection infrastructure, the new Q5 is the first application of V2I one of the vehicles.
In specific cities such as Las Vegas, the new Q5 has been able to communicate with the lights and other infrastructure, the vehicle will be in the HUD and dashboard display of the current signal situation, so that the driver to make more accurate judgments.
The accuracy of the system is very high, such as you have to turn the turn signal switch to turn left, the vehicle will automatically read the current status of the left turn signal.
Audi Connect, deep connection
In addition to the connection lights just mentioned, Audi's Audi Connect system is designed to provide a more powerful network connectivity.
You can use the LTE network to ensure that the vehicle is full time online, the vehicle can also be established for a car within the eight devices using Wi-Fi hotspot in order to facilitate the use of in-car entertainment equipment and the use of APP control vehicles.
Unfortunately, this feature is not free, not only optional money, but also pay a monthly fee of about 30 US dollars, do not know whether this service can be introduced into the country.
CarPlay and Android Auto, hope that the WWDC 17 can bring surprises
Not surprisingly, the new Q5 provides full support for Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto, but on these high-end models, users do not use the already perfect car system, but the use of mobile phones more and more small probability.
Moreover, the support of the two systems for the car mode has not been updated for a long time, looking forward to tonight's WWDC 17 can bring more exciting news.
Multi-radar system plus body, unmanned rainy day
At the end of the video, Audi focuses on the new multi-radar system, which distributes radar systems in all directions throughout the body dimension and collects enough data for the vehicle's safety system.
Linked to the release of the A8 in July will soon have some of the conditions of the automatic driving function, Q5 of the system in the future with limited conditions of unmanned driving is still possible.
As a science and technology has always been cutting-edge image of the Audi, the emerging technology in the endless stream of the moment, it seems a bit sad, recently launched a series of new cars, is expected to reverse this bad situation, only hope that next year when the arrival of new domestic Q5 , As much as possible to maintain the above updates, to the domestic owners to experience the opportunity to synchronize.