F1 British standings after the match: Hamilton from punishment

Hamilton in the F1 UK qualifying session in the third quarter due to block Haas riders Gross let the tournament investigation, the tournament will eventually confirm that Hamilton will not receive additional penalties, the race will start from the leading pole position.
When Gros Coilovers For Sale makes his first flight in the third quarter qualifying, Hamilton had an impact on him at the 16th corner, and the Haas team also thought that Gross had lost about 0.3 seconds.
The tournament officer, after investigating the incident, thought Hamilton did appear on Gross's lane, but did not have an impact on the lap of French riders. "The investigation team, by analyzing the video playback and telemetry data, said Gross was likely to be affected by Hamilton on the 16th corner, but he was not blocked," FIA wrote in a statement.
Hamilton had apologized to Gross, who had said that he had not been informed by the convoy that Gross had been flying behind him before making a ruling before the tournament officer. Hamilton said: "I am ready to start my wandering circle, Bertas in front of me, I try to stay behind me with an Indian power to keep a distance, no other car behind me. After I see through the mirror There is a car, I try to avoid.I do not know if I am on his lane, if it is so I am sorry.I did not get through the team on any signal behind the car, I was through the mirror I do not think he 's been so close to me before I'm speeding up (but I'm blocking), but I'm going back to the video.