2020 global electric vehicle models from half of China

China as the world's largest electric car market, by foreign stakeholders of the widespread concern. According to the British Reuters reported on July 12, the US consulting firm AlixPartners12 announced a new forecast. The forecast shows that by 2020, the world will launch 103 new electric vehicles, while the Chinese car manufacturers will launch 49 of them, accounting for about half of the total.
AlixPartners also said that China plans to have nearly two-thirds of the world's lithium-ion Coilovers Shocks battery production capacity by 2021 and invest in domestic sales of domestic electric vehicles in support of domestic sales.
AlixPartners said China's domestic car brand in the domestic electric vehicle market share has reached 96%. In 2016, China's electric car sales totaled 350,000, but only 2% of the total car sales.
AlixPartners predicts that by 2050, the cost of production of electric vehicle batteries will be close to the internal combustion engine, the battery cost reduction will help to enhance consumer acceptance of electric vehicles. John Hoffecker, the company's vice president, said other factors - such as charging time for electric vehicle batteries - are critical to winning consumer recognition.