How Much The Power Of The Car Puncture

Before the explosion, this black Land Rover Range Rover off the road car is waiting for the green light traffic signal. Green light is lit, the 5.0T displacement of the Land Rover by virtue of the engine function advantage instantaneous speed, the other car is far behind, and then outside the car about 3 seconds after the sudden attack, explosion instantaneous fire, the body Local skin blown to fly on both sides of the road, this black Land Rover then hit the road after the two fence stopped.
Attack the Land Rover Range Rover off the road ahead of the front wheel made a puncture, from the scene pictures can clearly see the left front wheel tires have been completely damaged, fit the characteristics of the puncture. According to the chaos owners of the argument, the driver in front of the green light instantly to the oil too often, start the tire and the friction between the air and the rapid increase, coupled with the car tire did not change the time, wear more ferocious situation, eventually incurred Puncture the attack.
That many people will ask: the truth I understand, but I have encountered bursts of the incident, how did not like the video of the Land Rover Connecting Rods On Sale as a serious incidental injury it? This small ... ... Xiaobian also can not tell everyone the answer, Xiaobian guess is able to puncture the moment of the impact of the macro detonated the driver's rear airbag attack device, the police also revealed that the investigation Land Rover off-road vehicles in the explosion after the airbag has been ejected, and the airbag attacker after the impact of external shocks have a complete explosion can occur, the explosive power is enough to blow the body parts.
This is the real reason for the chaos, we still the main argument to the main, do not pretend to guess. Our focus is that the impact of the puncture of the moment the impact of the moment is very large, this is no doubt. According to the test data show that the tires of tire tires can reach 10kg / cm ?, no less than the size of the city night fountain eruption pressure, can imagine the pressure of a large gap from a small gap when the power of the release of how much The Remember that there is a video before the Internet, there is a small youth in order to ask for maintenance fees to pull the knife to cut tires, the consequences were instantly fried, blood flow, such as note.
The power of the puncture is really very large, usually must pay attention to the tire of the maintenance, every time before driving as much as possible to reflect on the tire situation, especially before the high-speed, found serious wear, tire pressure normal, sidewall drums and other puncture precursor Real time to change tires. In addition, the best time to change their homework, do not be in the side of the indecent, many new tires inflatable can also be puncture, the demand for special attention.