Tesla Model 3 Is More Secure Without Dashboard?

As we all know, Tesla Model 3 canceled the dashboard in front of the driver. So the question came, for no dashboard of the car, when driving should be how to operate it? Is 40,000 scheduled Model 3 prospective owners are able to adapt and adapt to it? According to the driver to understand, recently Tesla engineers for everyone to demonstrate how safe and easy to drive Model 3, and that there is no dashboard design, will make the driver more secure, night driving more open.
According to the car to win understanding, Tesla had announced Model 3 to cancel the driver's position in front of the dashboard, leaving only the control 15-inch LCD touch screen design style. This looks of course cool and full of science and technology, but for the owners who really used it? In particular, did not drive the Tesla car, but it is scheduled to Model 3 hundreds of thousands of owners, they are very lacking the actual driving Tesla car experience.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk insists that the driver "will not care" (no instrument panel Model 3), but for most people, (no dashboard) will still be a new Of the driving experience.
Recently, two Tesla owners in the United States, California Fremont Racing Connecting Rods (Fremont) - Tesla Model factory, happened to encounter a Tesla engineers are doing the test on Model 3, including driving control, long-distance driving And so on.
I asked him not in the steering wheel in front of the dashboard is not too accustomed to him (the Tesla engineer) said you will soon be accustomed to only the right touch screen design style. He said that there was no dashboard in front of the driver in the evening, but it was safe because there was no glare and a complicated dashboard, especially for night driving. So he can concentrate on driving on the road, and even think that this design for the driver night vision better.
Of course, Model 3 LCD screen with the Model S and Model X is not the same. Driving brother found, Model 3 LCD screen is divided into left and right design, Cheap Coilover the left side of the vehicle information, it is equivalent to the previous Model S in the driver's position dashboard. So, if you are not accustomed to Model 3 no dashboard, then look at the upper left corner of the control LCD screen on it.
Of course, this may not be the final design of Model 3, but less than a week the first Model 3 is about to be delivered to the owner (the first batch of July 28 delivery), obviously there will be no major changes, or changes will be Later versions are reflected.
Mask said, "The more autonomy you are, the less information you need." How often do you watch a dashboard when you take a taxi? "It seems Massk is very confident about this design.
In any case, the design of Tesla's design, does represent the future of car design trends, such as through the phone to control any function of the car, as well as the car's internal and external design.
On Friday (July 28), all new design changes for Model 3 will be made public. We will soon understand all the new design of Tesla Model 3.