Racing nothing to life and death racing higher than life and death?

As a media to promote the culture of the car, whenever someone said that China did not car culture, they could not help but refute. Indeed, China does not have hundreds of years of European history of car making, no United States is known as the wheel of the country's national base, although the vast majority of Chinese people, with the first car time has not more than 10 years, but already a large number of senior love Car people to join the car movement, and the car is no doubt the core of the automotive culture.
Yes, maybe you often watch exciting racing races on TV, and when racing machines are speeding up on the track, you should know that racing is not only a sport of speed, but also a systematic Of the athletic, both for the racing driver or car, have a very stringent test.
Only for ordinary people, the opportunity to contact the car this movement is not much. It does not have a broad mass base of ball games that have flowed around the world. Racing because of high technical content, training and competition costs coupled with the venue constraints, for the majority of fans has been a high threshold movement to FAW-Volkswagen's high 7 cars, for example, only the cost of cycling close to 7 million. And this time we introduced the CRC (China Car Rally Championship) is also a high risk factor, the stadium is known for hard work, of course, it is also one of the most exciting car races.
FAW - Volkswagen is one of the earliest participants in the domestic rally event. In 1999, at the beginning of the CRC, FAW - Volkswagen racing began to campaign, and the car was built on Jetta. And then Bora, Golf 4, the old Sagitar, Golf 6, the new Sagitar, Golf 7 and other models have appeared in the CRC track, FAW - Volkswagen is one of the few teams have always been involved in the CRC tournament team, is also the CRC Carburetor race to get The highest number of teams. While the Golf 7 car in the 2014 season after adding CRC, the CRCCar performance will be promoted to the world's top rally WRCCar level. It can be said, FAW - Volkswagen witnessed the birth of CRC, accompanied by the growth of CRC, to promote the development of CRC.
Since 2006, FAW - Volkswagen's chief driver is also the team manager Chen Dean, has gradually become the domestic car in the field of pivotal name. After a series of gains, every day living in the blood of the acceleration and exhaust roar of Chen Dean, but it becomes more calm. In Chen Dean heart, FAW - Volkswagen is FAW - Volkswagen racing culture directly reflected. As FAW - Volkswagen racing culture of the communicator, the team every staff need to have a sense of responsibility and mission.
As the first to participate in the domestic CRC event, and put a lot of manpower, material and financial resources of the car business, FAW - Volkswagen in the "champion team", but also with the team through a variety of forms to show racing culture.
And long-term support and participation in the CRC, but also to FAW-Volkswagen's public models to accept and complete the rigorous test of the event, showing FAW - Volkswagen deep repairer, but also given a production model strong sports gene.
In this year's CRC opener Zhangye stadium, FAW - Volkswagen team's luck is not really good, before the main foreign aid Atkinson contract expires, new foreign aid Mark Higgins, although the strength of outstanding, but after all, the familiar degree of the car Not enough, although half of the time when the game has been pulled out of the second close to a minute gap, but in the Galaxy stage from the end of only 1 km of the track sudden mechanical failure. Chief driver Chen Dean also in the last day of the game suffered a mechanical failure unfortunately retired, but fortunately teammate Li Guojin, with rich experience and excellent psychological quality to play a stable, and ultimately runner-up.
Zhangye station has been settled, but the 2017 season CRC has just begun. Now, FAW - Volkswagen has begun to prepare for the next race of the game, CRC tournament will step by step into the climax, I believe FAW - Volkswagen team can bring you more exciting game.