Have a toll station also "hidden rules" you recruited?

Run through the high-speed all know, can not be avoided by the toll station. But most people only know that the toll station is used to charge, almost no one knows the toll station has some unknown unspoken rules. If you do not know these points insider, accidentally will be punished or fine, especially the following, many drivers have been checked:
1, at the toll station free to get off
In addition to toll stations, high-speed, but also does not allow free parking or get off, so that will not only easily lead to traffic congestion, but also a special danger, was found or captured by traffic police, one hundred percent fine.
2, toll station any change channel
The toll station has a lot of lanes, ready to pass, some owners found themselves in the lane vehicles too much, while the other lanes are no car, so immediately change the queue, to know that this is very dangerous, especially prone to scratches accident, once Was photographed, but also a fine of 200 yuan.
3, ETC channel does not slow down
ETC channel, that is, electronic toll channel, over ETC channel do not have to stop to pay cash, so many owners often do not slow down, so too dangerous.
In Coilovers Shocks some of the previous accidents, there are drivers in the ETC channel when the speed is too fast directly hit the stone pier, so do not die, be careful driving the ship years, so be sure to slow down.
4, the toll station next to the parking rest
Over the toll station that will charge a parking fee is required, so the general will be blocked in the channel, many drivers too lazy, etc., will park the car in front of the toll station.
This is very dangerous, there are a lot of cars behind the line, it is good, will lead directly behind the car more congested, and then photographed, the ticket can not run.
5, over the toll station to unlock the seat belt
Some owners have a lot of time when the toll station, especially when the payment will be the seat belt to unlock, if many drivers pay the cost, do not remember in the Department of the seat belt, followed by once the electronic eye to capture, 200 yuan and Cost, buckle two points.