The road can be fried eggs! Can the tire be able to carry it?

Recently, the country has entered the barbecue mode, more than 40 degrees above the temperature, and in such a temperature, the highway, asphalt road, the surface up to 80 degrees high temperature, we travel Car tires not only directly with the ground contact, but also because of friction heat generated a higher temperature, it is said that high temperature easily lead to puncture, ask your tires can carry live?
What is the relationship between high temperature and puncture?
In general, the puncture Racing Connecting Rods is due to tire wear and tear, resulting in the carcass is too thin, constantly inside the tire fever, then, if you encounter sharp objects, coupled with overheated weather, resulting in puncture.
Objectively speaking, the car driving in the higher temperature of the road, the impact of thermal expansion and contraction of the tire, under the same conditions, is to increase the probability of car puncture, but not absolute sufficient conditions, the main reason is that the owner of the Tire daily maintenance and maintenance.
What are the causes of puncture?
A. Tire pressure is insufficient. Will lead to deformation of the tire sidewall bending wire, over time the internal steel wire will have different degrees of fracture, at the same time, with the increase in surface friction area, tire temperature will be sharply increased, causing puncture;
B. Tire pressure is too high. Tire and road friction heat plus summer road 80 degrees high temperature, the tread temperature up to 100 degrees or so, the gas heat expansion, but also prone to puncture;
C. Vehicle overload. Vehicle overload for the tires of the harm is self-evident, especially on the highway overloading large trucks, more prone to puncture accident;
D. Pavement sharp objects. When the vehicle is traveling at high speed, the tire is rubbed against the sharp stone or other sharp objects on the road surface, causing leakage.
What happens when a puncture occurs?
There are only two cases of puncture in the running, or the front wheel burst, or after the round of the explosion, but no matter what, the risk is very large, and even serious consequences may be unthinkable, then encountered this situation how do we Do it?
First, be sure to keep calm, do not beat the direction, in the right way to hold the steering wheel (holding the position of 3,9 points), try to control the vehicle to keep a straight line; Secondly, do not brakes the brakes, this will Resulting in the car about the imbalance, will increase the car's uncontrollable, the correct way is to high-frequency light repeatedly brakes the way slow down the Coilovers For Sale speed, the car parked on the roadside emergency stop and open double flash.
How to effectively prevent the car puncture?
A. Timely replacement of tires. The general tire life of 2-3 years or 60,000 km or so;
B. Regular four rounds of transposition and positioning. Usually about 10,000 km to replace the tire position, because the front wheel often play the steering wheel's sake, the wear speed compared to the rear wheel faster, so the regular rotation before and after the position and positioning (usually diagonal diagonal tires) to achieve balance Wear the purpose, and thus extend the tire life;
C. Maintain normal tire pressure. Especially in the summer tire pressure should not be too high, no tire pressure monitoring friends recommended diligent tire pressure table;
D. Tire impurities often clean. Tire on the mixture of sharp stones, steel screws to clean up in time.
What is the normal tire pressure of the car?
Normally, the original tire pressure standard of the passenger car is in the normal range of 2.3-2.8 bar, the maximum should not exceed 3.0 bar, the minimum not less than 2.1 bar. Of course, different models of the brand's tire pressure will be different, to the specific model to judge.
Because the tire is a gas filler (usually nitrogen), so the tire pressure should be flexible according to the different season to adjust accordingly. Under normal circumstances, the summer than the standard value down 0.1-0.2bar or so, the winter than the standard value increased by 0.1-0.2bar or so.
On the tire tire pressure, because the spare tire is not often used, so in the inflatable can be filled with a little more, you can higher than the standard value of about 0.2bar, in case of emergency due to low pressure can not be used.
Benefits Supplement: The standard barometric pressure values ​​for tires are usually found in these places.
A. Vehicle user manual;
B. The label of the cab door (near the B pillar)
C. Drawer next to the driver's seat;
Summary: Although the high temperature will increase the probability of puncture, but the reasonable conservation and prevention is to avoid this happen, check the tire pressure once a month, the timely replacement of tires, to maintain normal tire pressure, pay attention to traffic conditions, so that accident prevention In the first place.