Mutual acquisition of shares Toyota Mazda capital cooperation deepening

Mazda and Toyota had cooperation, but they were all technical cooperation. Toyota has recently acquired a 5% stake in Mazda, while Mazda will also buy Toyota shares.
The contents of specific transactions have not been fully disclosed, but from the already published situation, their cooperation is more in-depth than before. Before Mazda in Mexico to help Toyota produce Yaris and Yaris Shijiazhuang. Now they will be a joint venture in the United States to build factories, the joint venture construction air suspension sale site is estimated to be in the southern United States, after the completion of the annual output of 300,000 models will be mainly SUV.
This cooperation is clearly greater for the benefits of Mazda, because Toyota is more in the US market that one. And for Toyota, the benefits of doing so are cost savings and can get the support of the current US government in policy.
Of course, their cooperation is also on the technical aspects, that is, joint development of electric vehicle technology. This cooperation has also been mentioned before, Toyota layout electric cars in Japanese manufacturers is not the earliest, and Mazda is a small but also technical devil, so their cooperation is still reciprocal. Of course, they may be more cooperation or in general technology, and will not necessarily launch cooperation vehicles.