Toyota and Mazda have to joint venture!

August 4, Toyota Motor Company and Mazda Motor Company signed a business and capital cooperation agreement. It is reported that the agreement involves technology research and development cooperation, cross-share and many other aspects, and will consider the establishment of a joint venture in the United States.
This is really strange to the outside world: has always been disoriented with each other's "rival" even have a joint venture. In the Japanese enterprises, Mazda and Honda are "technical house", they pay more attention to technical research. Toyota is more focus on economies of scale, better marketing means. The two sides quite some engineering students and liberal arts between the light taste. Mazda has been disdain for Toyota, and Toyota has also proposed "do not lose to Mazda."
But the Japanese car prices faced by the situation, so that they have to put down a similar small contradictions, to cooperation.
In the current car H Beam Connecting Rods market, Japan's smaller car manufacturers have been difficult to compete with the transnational car prices alone. And Toyota's industry giants such as cooperation or mutual Baotuan heating, it is similar to Mazda Japan's second echelon brand the only way out.
Through the Baotuan research and development of new technologies, through the joint venture to take what they need, this is their core purpose. On the one hand Baotuan can resist GM, the public such multinational car prices in a number of markets step by step pressing, on the other hand, you can also deal with China's emerging market countries such as the gradual rise of the car's own brand to get bigger Market right to speak.
According to the announcement, the two sides have agreed to promote the establishment of joint ventures in the United States, the proportion of investment for 50%, the total investment or will reach 1.6 billion US dollars. The new company is scheduled to start production in 2021 and will support the policy of the Trump government in advancing its campaign to raise the employment rate of US auto workers. According to reports, the company will bring the United States nearly 4,000 direct jobs and more employment opportunities.
The new company plans to produce Mazda in the North American market, the introduction of new cross-border models and Toyota North American version of the Corolla models. Toyota is under construction in the factory in Guana, China, will be changed to produce Tacoma models.
In terms of product complementarity, Mazda has provided compact cars to Toyota in North America. In the Japanese market, Toyota has provided Mazda with a small commercial hatchback, to their own advantages to make up each other's short board. Agreement, the two sides also discussed in addition to North America, Japan, outside the global expansion of the possibility of the product lineup.
In addition, the agreement mentioned that the two sides will carry out personnel exchanges, the joint development of electric vehicle infrastructure technology to meet the current national new Coilovers For Sale energy policy and market trends. At the same time, will also cooperate in the development of automotive multimedia systems to improve the automotive information, interconnection; R & D interconnection technology based zero accident safety car society.
In order to speed up the upgrading of electric vehicles and a series of cutting-edge automotive technology research and development, promote long-term cooperation, strengthen capital cooperation is indispensable.
According to the agreement, in the cross-shareholding, Mazda will be through third-party direction of the issuance of new shares, pursuant to which Toyota will hold Mazda 31,928,500 common shares (accounting for the total number of shares issued after the increase of 5.05%, total 50 billion yen ). Toyota sold the shares of the company in a third-party manner, with equal shares to replace Mazda. According to Toyota's current hairstyle calculation, about 0.25% of the shares ratio. This will also serve as part of the new joint venture's equipment investment funds.
The two sides will also be based on the progress of this business cooperation, consider further strengthening the capital cooperation relationship for Toyota and Mazda in the future holdings of each other to provide the possibility of equity.
Toyota has completed the acquisition of Daihatsu, with Hino, Isuzu, Fuji Heavy Industries, Suzuki form a cooperative relationship, this time and has been maverick Mazda signed a cooperation agreement. Japanese car prices have basically completed a comprehensive Baotuan. Some analysts pointed out that the future of Japanese car prices may be merged into three or less giant companies.