Volkswagen Identified Id Crozz Electric Cars Will Be Put Into Operation In 2020

Volkswagen as soon as possible from the "emission door" in the haze of the redeemed, to speed up the investment in electric vehicles, in April this year at the Shanghai auto show debut of the popular brand "Crozz" will become the public's new electric car brand, Volkswagen plans to achieve the goal of selling one million electric vehicles per year in 2025, while ID Crozz Concept will play a very important role. According to the public news in 2020 the car will be the first to invest in China and North America Coilovers For Sale market
Volkswagen ID Crozz Concept will be available in 2020, the car is built on the VAG for the development of electric vehicles on the MEB platform. The car is positioned as an electric cross-border car, and can achieve full automatic driving, Crozz front and rear axle will be equipped with an electric motor, a total of a total output of 225kW / 302 horsepower maximum power, daily driving to take the back drive mode, Submarine and other modes can choose the full drive mode; battery design capacity of 83kWh lithium battery module, according to NEDC standard, the car will have not less than 500km of battery life, the maximum speed of 177 km, while supporting fast charging, design requirements In 30 minutes fast charge to 80% of the electricity.
ID Crozz Concept also includes a number of black technology, including the use of front door side open 90 degrees angle, rear door sliding back open way, so that passengers can easily access to the cockpit; cockpit interior H Beam Connecting Rods panoramic sunroof can be used to change the light Glass, steering wheel retraction function, cancel the physical keys, the new car media system, while the car may also be equipped with AR virtual reality function.