One hour to sell 3,000, big step X7

As one of the highest attention models, the big step X7 at the beginning of the birth will become the market's most popular autonomous medium SUV. Not to mention the 15 days of orders over 10,000 success, but also in April 23, 2021 held in the "big and different, such as 7 and to the big step X7 12 provinces listed and 10,000 people robbed" staged a crazy scene. Just a short hour of time, twelve provinces accumulated orders 3086, can be described as the sale that is sold.
Although the Chinese SUV market is still out of the stage of vigorous development, but the various market segments have become saturated, how to highlight the tight encirclement has become a major car companies continue to think about important issues, but also to develop a corresponding marketing strategy, The core of the strategy is the three words - cost-effective - is also the Chinese consumers in the first time in the car to consider the factors. And the big step in this way Connecting Rods can be described as quite a good idea.
Big step X7 uses a very tough design style, 4736 * 1942 * 1672mm of the whole body size and 2850mm wheelbase, creating a wide body Coupe sedan SUV style, hardcore design is also quite please "control" consumers Of the favor. Wide-style design brings the benefits of not only the shape of the more powerful atmosphere, for the space to create a great help, making the big step X7 leg space can reach amazing 3 punches around, 1942mm width can be equipped with more spacious, More wrapped seats, making the big step X7 with the leading level of comfort.
In terms of power, the big step X7 is equipped with three turbocharged engines - 1.5T, 1.8T, 2.0T, matching the drive system for the 5-speed manual gearbox and 6-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, also meet the current consumer The demand for T power and automatic gear. Which consists of 2.0T + DCT composed of efficient gold power, not only the power output smooth and timely, but also take into account the fuel economy, and further improve the consumer car experience, so get the market recognition and consumer favor.
Big step X7 biggest advantage than the price, as a magnificent image of the medium-sized SUV, its price is only 899,000 -16.19 million, with cross-level competition for consumers to bring the most affordable car Experience. At the same time, the big step X7 did not because of the "low price" on the configuration castration and deletion, and do not say the necessary ESP, LED daytime running lights, exterior mirrors heating function, electronic handbrake, car atmosphere lights , A key to start / keyless entry into the system and the rear air conditioning outlet, etc., more rare at the same level of welcome lights, knob-type shift, LCD instrumentation and other configurations, the "price" meaning to the extreme.
Not only that, now until August 31, big step forward "as long as 9980, big step back home" huge benefit activities: "bag card, tax package, insurance" all the way to open home!
It is reported that the activity is only three days more than 1200 sales, hot degree is evident.