US Department of Commerce: Unmanned or will cause 3.8 million people to lose their jobs

A recent study by the US Department of Commerce shows that 15.5 million US workers' jobs will be affected by autopilot, equivalent to one-ninth of the total number of US workers, from the 2015 data. The study divides the 15.5 million of the affected workers into three categories: 3.8 million people who are likely to be unemployed and 11.7 million in adaptability.
Unmanned threat to 15.5 million US workers, estimated at 3.8 million unemployed
First, older, less educated, and relatively difficult to find jobs for other workers, it may be difficult to find jobs, especially if the work does not require too much Know the workers. In this group, the average age of 46 years, men accounted for as much as 88%, only 7.6% of people have undergraduate education.
This relatively low-skilled "simple driver", including trucks, cars, trains and ambulance drivers, as well as the salesman and so on. In 2015, there were about 3.8 million ordinary drivers Coilovers For Sale in the United States, accounting for 2.8% of the total, mainly in transportation and wholesale markets; their average annual salary of $ 36,500, lower than the average of the whole society of $ 48,300.
Unmanned threat to 15.5 million US workers, estimated at 3.8 million unemployed
On the other hand, contrary to the simple driver, the other driving areas work more complex and diverse, and have more knowledge and skills, although driving is one of their necessary jobs, but only they work a part of. They need to be exposed to more and more unconventional skills in their daily activities, and these workers are likely to adapt to the automatic driving and find their right place.
There are about 11.7 million newer drivers in need of advanced driving capacity, accounting for 8.5% more. Typical representatives of real estate agents, equipment, mechanics, family health care workers, etc., can be said that their work is usually not "driving", but the current work process (such as on-site service, etc.) need driving ability.
The average annual salary of the advanced driver is $ 46,700, close to the national average.
Therefore, the most vulnerable to automatic driving threat, is the ordinary delivery driver. In the "simple driver" group, the tractor and trailer drivers account for nearly half, followed by the freight driver, the school bus driver and the sales driver (the salesman).
The results of this study is not surprising, PricewaterhouseCoopers previously released a report also proved this point.
PricewaterhouseCoopers pointed out that the next 15 years, the UK will have nearly 30% of the jobs were artificial intelligence and robot replacement, Germany has 35%, the United States is as high as 38%. But Japan will be replaced by the post, only 21%. The reason is simple, Japan already has a high level of automation, and in the rest of the post, many of the skills and experience have a very high demand, unlike the United States, a lot of work is only fill in the form.
However, autopilot is not just the driver's job. If the "completely unmanned" vehicle, that is, completely do not need the driver's vehicle can really be achieved and popularized, not only the Uber shared travel reduced the cost of the driver becomes cheap, the car's capacity utilization will be greatly increased. The needs of the entire automotive market will change.
A year ago, Ford said it planned to launch a mass-produced "completely unmanned car" in 2021, pointing out that a completely unmanned car would dominate the market within ten years of its launch.
So, leaving the man to win the machine time, it seems not much.