2017 Ward Top Ten Engine

Many people know that Ward top ten engines are cattle, but do not know why it is so cattle, the first election of the first condition is that the engine equipment, the price must be less than 60,000 US dollars, followed by the test engine Of the horsepower, torque, fuel economy, noise control and new technology applications, comprehensive all the conditions put together to conduct a comprehensive assessment, then look at the top 20 engine selection, which are the brand list.
1, Chevrolet
Chevrolet 1.5L four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine, and at the same time equipped with dual-motor hybrid system, equipped with compact class car Wo Lan Da, the engine has been selected Ward top ten engines, thanks to the Adjustable Coilovers new energy environmentally friendly model design, Its revolutionary unique concept makes electric cars into more families.
2, Chrysler
Chrysler 3.6L V6 naturally aspirated engine, also equipped with dual motor plug-in hybrid system, mounted on the Pacifica hybrid version, a hybrid MPV models, the American concept of repairer is really elusive.
3, Ford
Ford's 2.3T turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which is certainly a lot of people are particularly familiar with, mounted on the low-key small steel gun Fox on top of the RS, so irritable a core, the road encountered can not casually provoke.
4, Volvo
Volvo 2.0T turbo charged four-cylinder engine with twin machine, mounted on the V60 Polestar, although the brand is our Geely acquisition, but it is still a United States Department of the brand once, so the 2017 top ten engines Ward, the US Department gain four Quota.
5, Honda
Honda 2.0L four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine, equipped with dual-motor hybrid system, equipped with our familiar version of the Accord, for Honda's black technology, you must have used to.
6, Mazda
Mazda 2.5T turbocharged four-cylinder engine, mounted on the CX9, for a rotor engine and a variety of black technology Mazda, can only say that the brand technology research is very powerful, selling a little bit do not go heart.
7, Infiniti
Infiniti 3.0T V6 turbo engine, mounted on the Q50, a popular luxury brand, Infiniti's technology is still very powerful, and F1 Red Bull Racing has a lot of cooperation, particularly in the family car engine is very powerful brand, in 2017 Ward top ten engines, Japan occupies three places.
8, BMW
BMW 3.0T turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine, mounted on the M240i, BMW's straight-six engine is housekeeping techniques, known in the industry is quite large, as a frequent visitor to Ward's Ten Best Engines, appear Car Turbo here and not unusual.
9, Mercedes-Benz
Mercedes-Benz 2.0T turbocharged four-cylinder engine, mounted on the C300, as the originator of the Mercedes-Benz cars, only a four-cylinder engine barely squeezed into the list, and Germany also only occupy the top two places Ward, People are disappointed.
10, modern
Modern 1.4T turbocharged four-cylinder engine, mounted on one of the classic Elantra models as the automobile industry started later than we Korea, bluntly speaking, we made the car worse than too much, I do not know our own engine , When to enter the Ward top ten engine selection.