911 GT3 RS and then brush New Zealand single lap new record

The new lap score: 7.09.59 is not the official official record, but by the Manthey-Racing provided by the GT3 RS, by the German well-known car media Sport Auto senior editor -Cristian Gebhardt, also use the standard tire Michelin Pilot
Sport Cup 2 Ran out.
991.2 small facelift GT3 of the combat Adjustable Coilovers power of the strong, ran out of New York 7 points 12.7 seconds of excellent results, may make the incumbent GT3 RS owners indignant, even by the same generation of standard version of GT3 to kill!
With the Sport Auto test, finally let GT3 RS get reborn!
991.2 GT3 is so strong because it is equipped with the same displacement as the GT3 RS, the same 500hp maximum horsepower, and is the same as the 911 GT3 Cup purebred racing series 4.0L level opposite the six-cylinder natural intake
engine, GT3 RS does not have a rear wheel steering system.
While the GT3 RS can be vindicated, in addition to the drivers of the factors, of course, aerodynamic design is the main reason, towering tail and can improve the stability of the front of the front leaf sheet above the gill hole, and
magnesium alloy roof Coilovers Shocks structure, these But 991.2 GT3 does not have the exclusive design. Just these weapons can have to create a gap of about three seconds, if these good things all installed, do not know whether there is a chance to
advance within seven It seems only to wait for a new GT3 will have a chance!