450,000 to buy Chevrolet Comero

Transformers hit, so that the Hornet car in the domestic fans screaming endless, with cool shape, regardless of where to stop, certainly will cause passers-by watching, and its price, compared to those Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari and
so on the super sports car, is simply the price of grass roots, H Beam Connecting Rods 450,000 basic can start. Imagine, 450,000 yuan, driving handsome cool pull the wind of the sports car, stopped in front of the sister paper, she will not scream? Hornet real
name Chevrolet Comero, now has ushered in the sixth generation of facelift. Appearance, the sixth generation of Coma Luo focus on the details of the deal, the headlamps become more slender, daytime running lights from the original double
semi-circular into the now slender strip. Body lines did not happen much change, while the use of aerodynamic design, to enhance the overall performance to contribute. The sixth generation of Comaro continued the strong American muscular
sense, but the lines became tough. The design of the front face than the previous generation of models to be more refined, more with a sense of science and technology. The network has undergone slight changes in the intake grille more
flat, the lower air intake grille more generous, the formation of a strong visual contrast, making the overall shape is more low, both sides also have air flow channel. More deep eyes to explain the sturdy of the word, the light inside
the simple structure, long strip of LED daytime running lights are very sharp, and equipped with automatic headlights. Body size, the sixth generation of Comero to conduct a comprehensive reduction, shorter wheelbase to bring better
control. At the same time multiple vehicle using lightweight design, creating a more Coilovers For Sale lightweight body. Interior was redesigned, the whole is more concise than the previous generation. Also won the "2016 Ward Top Ten Interior" award,
black-based interior theme, four aircraft air-conditioning air-conditioning outlet makes the internal movement atmosphere is more intense. The flat-bottom steering wheel is one of the signs of the sports car, and this design inspired by
the Corvette C7 Stingray. Three-spoke leather steering wheel grip is very good, below the "FIFTY" logo represents the legendary performance of the core of the sports car. Dashboard, to retain the previous generation of traditional -
double round pointer design, the middle of the 8-inch information display, the display of information is very rich, the display is quite good results. The sixth Turbocharger generation of Comera replaced the new 2.0T turbocharged engine, with the
model is 8L45 8-speed automatic transmission, and this 8-speed automatic transmission is used in Cadillac ATS-L and other models on. Official said that the 2.0T models 0-100km / h acceleration time of not more than 6s. Transmission, from
the previous generation of 6-speed automatic transmission into today's 8-speed automatic transmission, the gearbox is also used in Cadillac's ATS-L and CT6, the reliability is guaranteed.