Aston Martin Will Achieve Full Mix After 2025

Aston Martin will be in the mid-2020, 100% of its models using hybrid, and the introduction of hybrid production models, by 2025, all models are mixed with the standard configuration. With Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer (Andy Palmer) said that Aston Martin's products will be in the mid-2020 100% of the use of hybrid, and launched a hybrid production model, to 2025 All products under the year will be standard with the hybrid system. In October 2015, Aston Martin released the RapidE concept car, Rapid E ??will be based on Rapide fit BMW E36 Coilovers AMR models for the model to build, from the design view, the new car to cancel the original models of fog lights, replaced by both sides Air inlet. New cars with multiple blue lines, reflecting the identity of pure electric vehicles. It is reported that the new car by Aston Martin and Williams Advanced Engineering company to build, only the production of 155, is expected to launch in 2019 and listed. Now the first electric car will be mass production, but also the history of Aston Martin another milestone. RapidE represents a sustainable future, pollution-free motor not only with Aston Martin's charm and superior performance consistent, but also its icing on the cake. As Aston Martin is a high-end luxury car manufacturer, the target crowd is car enthusiasts, so this statement is significant. Aston Martin's current product is equipped with a V12 engine, after the decision to convert the hybrid, Aston Martin plans to purchase only the battery monomer, to complete their own battery system. The company had previously announced plans to launch its first all-electric car, Rapid-e, by 2019. Previously, Volvo had announced that since 2019, they no longer sell pure internal combustion engine cars. While the UK will ban the sale of fuel vehicles since 2040. Aston Martin this approach is undoubtedly the continuation of the future development of the world's automobile trend. Now, Aston Martin in the development of the future to determine the program, is in time before 2020, so that all of its cars are equipped with hybrid hybrid electric vehicle models, and continue to speed up cooperation with Williams Advanced Engineering Development of electric car footsteps.