Old Enemy New Action Renault - Nissan Alliance Set Up Electric Car Company

Another joint venture specializing in the production and sale of electric vehicles announced the establishment of the joint venture or the three parties are the Renault - Nissan Union and Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd.. The joint venture between the two companies to become a new company to become easy to special new energy vehicles (eGT), for the eGT homophonic. In the joint venture, Renault and Nissan hold 25% and 25% respectively, while Dongfeng holds 50% of the remaining shares, while the new company is expected to launch its first product in 2019. So what about the new situation of the new electric car company in the end? Will there be much market prospects? It is better to let us analyze. Some of the circumstances of the joint venture Since everyone for this newly established company is very strange, it is better to fit GT2871 Turbo first come to know about the spinning. First of all, the largest shareholder Dongfeng Motor, this is not difficult to explain, because the other joint venture Renault and Nissan in the domestic joint venture companies are Dongfeng Motor, so Dongfeng Motor became a new joint venture company part of the Chinese business. And Renault and Nissan two companies at the end of the century has been through mutual holdings of the way, the fate of the two companies firmly tied together. Renault - Nissan Union specific establishment and development process we do not explain here in detail, but it is worth mentioning that the two companies in the year of cooperation model appears to be very advanced, the two sides are completely in a state of equality, no one Above the one who said. Until today, two companies from different countries still maintain a very high degree of independence, corporate culture also retain their own characteristics, Renault still represents the romantic law, Nissan is the pursuit of practical first. But by the two sides in 2002 to set up Renault - Nissan Sdn Bhd, or in the league to play a management and coordination of work, especially in technology research and development, human resources, manufacturing and supply chain management, procurement of these four areas, through the unity Management, the formation of a scale effect, reducing operating costs, talent calls more reasonable. Yi Jie production of electric vehicles whether there is an advantage Yi Jie special is aimed at the Chinese market for electric vehicles in the field of increasing demand for the status quo, to speed up the industrial layout and the establishment of a dedicated electric car company. So is there a strong demand for electric vehicles in China? The answer is yes. So far, China has developed into the world's largest demand for electric vehicles, which has a broad market space. In 2016, pure electric vehicles in China sales reached 25.6879 million, an increase of 121%. In the first seven months of 2017, pure electric vehicle production reached 223,000, sold 204,000, an increase of 37.8% and 33.6%. Over the past couple of years, with the traditional fuel vehicles are subject to approval restrictions, has emerged in addition to a number of new energy vehicles business. From the already obtained the production of new energy vehicles qualified enterprises, each have their own different, but also have their own advantages. Some companies, the integration of some of the old technology before the car repair technology, such as the country can be integrated on the car before the Saab platform, then the performance of the vehicle tuning and other aspects of the more mature. Some companies themselves are traditional fuel car manufacturers, such as Beiqi new energy, Chery new energy, they do not have to worry about the vehicle manufacturing capacity. There are companies that rely on multi-party integration, there are car manufacturers, pure electric research institutions, battery suppliers, such enterprises in each side of the capacity is not necessarily top-notch, but must be the most balanced. Yi Jie special company obviously also has its own advantages. First of all, the technical point of view, Nissan fit BMW E36 Coilovers is the first research and development of pure electric car one of the car brand, the R & D time can even be calculated to the last century 70's, and Nissan pure electric car is so far the world's best-selling pure electric vehicles; And Renault can be the legal system in the design of the advantages of the design in the easy-special company's new car, presumably accept the new energy vehicles consumers must not rigidly adhere to the moderation that one; Dongfeng Motor Group, let alone , In Hubei Shiyan production base for the new company directly to the manufacturing plant, the plant in 2019 will be able to provide 120,000 pure electric vehicle new product capacity, which is more than a lot of new license companies have the absolute advantage The Car companies hold themselves into the future development trend The Renault - Nissan and Dongfeng Motor cooperation, but also nearly a month by the independent brand companies in foreign joint ventures to build factories in the case. Before the Thai and Thailand signed a memorandum, the purpose is to establish a joint venture to establish their own brand of pure electric vehicles. And recently we also see in the field of cars also have joint Baotuan cases, such as in the domestic Geely and Volvo, to establish a joint venture company; in foreign countries, Toyota and Mazda also through mutual holdings to form a new strategic alliance, its goal is The development of new energy models; today's protagonist Renault - Nissan Union also recently attracted Mitsubishi to join cooperation. From the above so many cases can be seen, with the development of the automobile industry to a certain extent, simply want to rely on a car for a full range of research and development, production, sales and other train work, obviously has been unable to occupy more market space, Its marginal cost will be higher. And more than a friend is less an enemy, in the current establishment of the Union car prices have achieved good results, those who are also single car prices obviously also hope that through appropriate cooperation to strengthen their own strength. So a sudden time so many cooperation alliance is not surprising, because no longer Baotuan, on the one hand fewer and fewer outstanding partners, on the other hand Baotuan enemies more and more powerful.