Battery usher in innovation, Toyota 5 years after the sale of solid-state battery electric car

Lithium-ion battery has been a lot of applications in life, mobile phones, computers, rechargeable treasure, it can be said that it is everywhere. But it has been developed since 1990 by Sony, the 27 years of progress is very slow. Although there was news from time to time - a certain laboratory developed a new battery, but you can see so far did not usher in innovation.
Seeing the slogan of new energy vehicles shouting, many car manufacturers have set foot in the field of electric vehicles. If the phone one day one can also be fit BMW E36 Coilovers endured by the user, but the car to run a few steps no electricity, then who will go with? At present, there are two ways to increase battery life: First, like Tesla as the car on the battery, the entire site are batteries. More than 7,000 lithium-ion battery has brought 400km battery life, but the complexity of the battery management technology has restricted the production of the battery; the second is to increase the battery density by increasing the battery capacity, which requires the use of thin diaphragm. Samsung Note7 is the reason why the explosion is not control the thickness of the film, which led to the battery short circuit.
The existing method is not the best choice, then the development of new battery technology is urgent. It is reported that Toyota is currently developing all-solid-state battery-powered electric vehicles, the battery can not only enhance the battery life, but also have faster charging speed. Toyota will begin selling electric vehicles that use this battery as early as 2022, but the specific progress depends on the results of the laboratory validation and production is smooth.
Of course, many manufacturers have begun selling new energy vehicles, Toyota will not wait for solid-state batteries. Toyota intends to build an electric vehicle based on a C-HR model based on a lithium-ion battery, which will be manufactured and sold in China in 2019.
In fact, not only Toyota, BMW and other well-known car prices are fully research and development of solid-state batteries. In the long run, 5 - 10 years time hope to usher in a comprehensive innovation in battery technology.