BMW replacement horse, the next eight years will even push 25 electric cars

BMW i3 as a pioneer in BMW's electric car has been concerned about, as the first BMW production of electric cars, and Big Brother i8 together, they are more or less there will be some of the shadow of the future. Frankfurt Motor Show pace near, i3 no longer alone, upgrade i3S also came, there fit BMW E36 Coilovers are mixed version of the X7 concept car. The future will push 25 BMW electric cars in the Frankfurt Motor Show under the foot of the effort.
Just yesterday (September 8), BMW Group Chairman Mr. Koruogu on the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show delivered a prospect speech. By 2025, the BMW Group will launch 25 electric models, of which 12 for the pure electric vehicles, to the end of 2017, BMW Group, sales of electric vehicles is expected to more than 200,000.
Electricity strategy for the BMW Group is also the general trend.
Speaking of BMW electric, it would have to mention the BMW's first production of electric vehicles - I3.2008 years of the minds of the Buddha to start MINI E electric models, BMW with five years of experience and experience created i3, 2013, BMW i3 officially listed. Years of war, i3 has become the best-selling market electric car. I3 accumulated electric technology will be applied to the future more and more BMW electric models.
According to Kolog said, the new BMW i3 will appear in the German Frankfurt Motor Show this month, then i3 will have a performance upgrade version of the i3S debut at the same time.
BMW outflow from the official figure, the new i3 more stylish than the cash models. Body design lines richer, more layered sense. The new model fog lamp position compared to cash has changed, the traditional round design, change the banner design, compared to cash more exercise. As with the cash, the new BMW i3 is still used without B-pillar design, to take the door, can be better to facilitate passengers on and off.
BMW i3s suspension system has also been re-adjusted, the body from the ground gap increased by 10 mm, the track increased by 40 mm, while the new car is equipped with a 20-inch tires.
Compared to the cash models, the new BMW i3 and not much change, the new car to the concept of environmental protection in the end, the color to light-based, the use of weaving seats. At the same time the new BMW i3 technology configuration is also very rich, large size of the LCD screen, upgrade to iDrive 6 system, and equipped with ConnectedDrive navigation.
The new BMW i3 motor maximum output power of 125 kilowatts, the peak torque of 250 Nm. New car 100 km to accelerate 7.3 seconds, but the maximum speed limit in the 150km / h. While the more powerful BMW i3s, the maximum output power of the motor up to 137 kilowatts, the peak torque of 270 Nm. The new i3 lithium battery is located at the bottom of the vehicle, based for Nissan Coilovers on NEDC's life of 235-255 km.
BMW i3s appearance with red and black colors, full of sports. As i3 sports version, the new car in the kidney air intake design more simple, while the left and right sides of the bumper also increased the air intake design. To highlight its sport, i3S surrounded by both the sports design, coupled with high-gloss color, the vehicle is very dynamic.
i3s use the leather material of the seat, which is used with the i3 fabric material seats are quite different, the interior style is significantly different from the ordinary version of the model.
BMW i3s equipped with the maximum output power of the motor reached 137kW, compared to the ordinary version of the model to enhance 11kW. The maximum torque is 269N · m, lifting 20N · m.
BMW has always been known to control, in the electric car is still no exception. Through the optimized dynamic stability control system (DSC), the new BMW i3 vehicle will become more agile, the improved traction control system to the driver with full confidence. I3 as i3 performance upgrade version, BMW also specially developed for its spring, dampers, roll cage and other official accessories. i3S open movement mode, zero hundred acceleration results up to 6.9 seconds, but the maximum speed limit of 160km / h.
In Koruga's speech, it is worth noting that he said Rolls-Royce and BMW M will launch electric models, that is, BMW's high-performance models also want to take the electric route, the introduction of i3S is likely and i8 together for BMW high-performance electric car to do the popularization of water.
In addition to i3, BMW another electric car X7 plug-in hybrid concept car will also come to the Frankfurt Motor Show, which is launched by BMW full-size large SUV.
Officially announced that the new car equipped with BMW eDrive electric drive technology, equipped with a BMW TwinPower Turbo turbocharged gasoline engine, this plug-in hybrid system allows the vehicle in any driving mode (including pure electric zero emissions) are Can guarantee excellent performance.