In Germany without speed speed rush

A few days before the ball uncle went to Germany to see the Frankfurt Motor Show, in the global Coilovers For Sale attention of the Frankfurt Motor Show, the public as the host of the new compact SUV T-Roc and the new GT models Arteon very eye-catching, both models are breaking the public Design, but unfortunately T-Roc is the first appearance, that is, overseas can not test drive, but the good news is that the public to provide us with its latest flagship car Arteon test drive arrangements, and the ball uncle also in the infinite yearning Germany is not limited speed highway and rural, urban road full test drive an Arteon, harvest a lot, then this is known as the most beautiful and the latest flagship car, it's test drive feel in the end how? Its advantages and disadvantages in the end what? Yung Yu Shu under the fine to come!
To be honest, real car appeared in front of my moment, I understand. It turned out that it is not the positioning of GT models with the sex, but there is a good reason. New car to bring people the most intuitive feel is a large body, elegant body, the details of the full release of the high quality texture. As the new car with 5-door hatchback design, you see Arteon side will not consciously think of the public's Audi brand A5 and A7, but it is indeed different, because it is neither the size of A5 or A7 Of the mass version, but between the two.
Arteon length and width 4862 × 1871 × 1427mm, wheelbase 2841mm, compared with the same five-door hatchback Audi A5 and BMW 4 Series measurements are large lap, slender body, wide body design, The right body height, the proportion can be described as appropriate benefits, which makes Arteon design more elegant, Arteon is beautiful, the ball that his design even better than the Audi A5, is far better than the BMW 4 Series (BMW's four Sedan modeling design has been a soft feeling ah). Side of the shape in addition to elegant lines and handsome, have to mention is that this coupe-style design also has a gesture between the Coilovers Shocks very capable type of frameless door design, this is the sports car get on and off handsome must have advanced design.
The side design is quite elegant, Arteon front and tail design is also quite a color, completely breaking the public set of baby front and tail design.
Front face design, innovative integration of the opening of the front bumper design and headlamp embedded in the design of the front face of the overall sense of the stronger, six horizontal chrome trim strip to pull the front face is very wide, headlights of the two Light and chrome trim is to widen the front face of the visual effects, but also the formation of a clear on the wide under the narrow visual low center of gravity, the whole front is very dynamic avant-garde and carrying some sharp ferocious, sports car taste to create a considerable place The In the current public family face, Arteon's front design enough color, is definitely the most different, the most eye-catching that one, and the details of the texture of the senior, hanging on any luxury brand of the car will be no sense of violation.
Need to say, Arteon's full LED headlamps, as Volkswagen's new flagship model, it is still functional to carry the Dynamic Light-Assist dynamic headlamp auxiliary system, including automatic far and near light, steering auxiliary lighting, In addition to the traditional high-level adaptive function, it can also adjust the height and brightness of the high beam according to the lighting conditions, reduce the sight damage that is not necessary to the other side and increase the front lighting in the position where the lighting is needed effect.
The tail of the design is also very particular about the public as a new flagship car, it is easy to simplify the simple, license plate rack placed under the bumper (note that most of the car's license plate rack is in the tail box cover) The whole trunk is more neat and clean. This concise and advanced visual approach was first used in the Volkswagen 2002 launched a large public flagship sedan Phaeton body. In addition to the neatly integrated tail cover design, Arteon logo is placed in the VW brand logo below the central location, this design is actually consistent with the previous flagship sedan sedan, which is actually designed to show Arteon high-end positioning Of a detail. And the tail of the tail cover the tail of the tail tail details and narrow side with a rounded design of the distinctive LED taillight shape is very consistent with Arteon GT coupe positioning, capable and elegant senior.
Must admit, Arteon is the most attractive is its shape design, regardless of the front face, tail or side are so perfect, with the level you can not find a better look than the model. The ball uncle to the public designer to a big praise!
If you look amazing appearance so that you have more expectations of Arteon car, then you may be disappointed. Smooth lines, structured layout gives the impression of deja vu, although the texture of superior, cross-center console integrated air conditioning outlet design A new generation of Audi models are also used, metal texture decorated with a more advanced texture style, but It is the overall style of the interior and the new generation of passat (domestic MAGOTAN) interior too much like, if Arteon is a traditional car, the public this family style of course can understand, but to know, Arteon is a more Pay Turbocharger attention to, more attractive and more young and stylish five GT Coupe ah, but fortunately we see the European version of the design, FAW - Volkswagen staff said the introduction of domestic Arteon will be local improvement. Hope FAW - Volkswagen can learn from Mercedes-Benz E-class and E-class COUPE experience, to make more personalized design.
But then again, and share the advantages of the family interior is the cost will eventually bring the advantage of the price, the ball did not want to make the domestic Arteon interior design made a big change, because if the change is too large, the new Of the interior means higher costs, and finally the sheep out of the body, consumers also need to take out more money to pay the bill. So, in my opinion, in order to so little visual experience to enhance, more money is actually not worthwhile.
Arteon is very pleased, Magotan's interior in the same class car out of its right, Arteon interior as well as the design of the interior, but to return to work, materials, texture and function, Configuration level compared to MAGOTAN is definitely not high. Which unique aluminum version of the texture is very high and delicate very delicate sense of quality, and the test drive in the process of uncle specially experience its Tanner sound, the effect is very outstanding (it seems completely weaker than the uncle of the Mercedes-Benz GLC optional The sound of the sound of Berlin and Land Rover Range Rover Aurora British treasure sound), and with a navigation image of the 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel is really easy to use. To know our trip to the overseas test drive, the staff to the key to us, everything else depends on our own to get the (uncle to participate in the overseas test drive activities are not accompanied by the whole drive, and this is no formation Driving) for the unfamiliar language of life and the Chinese media, the German free test drive if the navigation is not good, then it is almost a disaster ah. The advantage of being able to display the navigation on the dashboard is so great that it allows the test driver to grasp the route Billet Steel Crankshaft more timely, and the Arteon-matched HUD header also gives us more control of the speed, So that the driver focused on accelerating, I and the same car media is relying on this precise and timely navigation easy to get the test drive route.
Speaking of the configuration, one thing to mention, the German staff in the introduction of Arteon's time devoted to its security system, the model in the European E-NCAP crash test has made the highest standards of five-star security results (not mind The first two), Arteon in the intelligent security on the ACC adaptive cruise, rided assist front auxiliary system, Side Assist lane support system (blind zone monitoring), Lane sc lane maintenance system, RTA rear traffic warning system, Traffic Jam Assist Traffic jam assistance system, 360 ° panoramic view of the parking system, FMKE intelligent fatigue monitoring system, and so on a do not fall, there are pedestrian monitoring impression (the configuration can not be fully confirmed, because the explanation is verbally, no text information) , And the introduction of a new Mercedes-Benz pre-safe Pre-Crash pre-crash protection system, many details, it can not only monitor the front collision, but also to monitor the rear rear-end collision, the collision will occur, the skylight, windows Will rise (the window will be reserved for a little gap to ensure smooth airflow, which will help open the airbag) The seat position will be straightened and the seat belt will be tightened. The use of this system is really people's safety and confidence to improve enough to challenge the level of Mercedes-Benz. In addition, the public German staff also highlighted its ACC adaptive cruise function upgrade, before only three mode options, and now provide more mode options (specifically we are still the domestic version of the model information bar).
In addition to these configurations, Arteon's interior space is also much larger than expected, large size and long wheelbase bring advantage is not covered, the back of the space in addition to the domestic addition of the MAGOTAN, compared to other medium-sized car it The back row of space absolute forefront of the test drive process, the height of 185 (weight visual inspection of more than 200 pounds) of the media teachers said that the back of the head space there are two fingers of space, the legs are still two fist of space (For the pursuit of smooth arc-shaped sedan body design is already very great ah), and for the uncle of the South such a small pet body of the people, it is not spacious space behind the back. The most critical is its hatchback design (trunk and rear window one) brings a surprising trunk space, the rear row down to reach 1557 liters of space, not only the space is large, because the trunk and the rear window set off, It is also easier to install things than the traditional car to a lot easier, the level of space can be comparable with a lot of SUV, the space is better than the vast majority of high-class luxury cars ah. This fully embodies the advantages of its GT model travel.
In the seat comfort do not have to think, the seat is heated, massage function (forget to have a ventilation function, but the domestic MAGOTAN is there, so you can determine the domestic Arteon's main driver's seat is covered by heating, ventilation , Massage full function seat). On the seat of the package, the static performance is quite good, the degree of hardness of the seat is also appropriate (German seat relative to the Japanese car relative to the harder, hard driving or long-distance driving support better).
Driving in Camber Plates the ordinary mode, the public Arteon is very typical of the popular German cars traditional taste, hanging toughness (not feel hard should be with the DCC adaptive suspension system has a great relationship), its suspension response comparison Positive, the dynamic performance of the body solid and flexible, a strong sense of movement, its direction to the very delicate, the intensity is also very appropriate, pointing to me is not pick the wrong. In addition, we test drive models, throttle, brake and left foot leisure are metal pedals, it is in line with its movement positioning.
European version of the Arteon power system and drive system is very advanced, we test drive equipped with a model and golf R homologous 2.0T high-power engine, the maximum output power of 206 kilowatts, and golf R engine exactly the same, But the maximum torque is reduced to 350 Nm (Golf R 2.0T engine is 380 Nm), but the speed range is more extensive, 1700 to 5600 turn range can burst the maximum torque. The transmission is marked with DQ500 7-speed wet dual-clutch transmission, the drive form was 4MOTION four-wheel drive system. In fact, the performance of the hand is better than any of my public car in the country, 100 km to accelerate 5.6 seconds, the results have been very good (than the same loaded with the domestic A4L & A5 45 TFSI quattro sports also over 0.3 to 0.4 seconds And 430i and 330Li faster 0.3 to 0.7 seconds). The core is not faster (because the ball uncle opened a lot faster than it) but its acceleration and shift is very smooth, quite some of the feeling of large displacement from the suction, no turbulence show (and many Turbocharged engine have a throttle step to wait for a 1,2 seconds or so outbreak of discomfort), power a steady stream of output, shift is also very smooth (I did not open out of the double clutch of frustration) only to 180 Kilometers per hour or more will feel after the slow down.