Cool pure electric car Nissan hear the wind, is it possible to domestic China?

Pure electric small car seems to have only two kinds of looks - Meng Meng da small cute or simply is H Beam Connecting Rods the way the old scooter look, they are fashion and trend of the insulator. Until you see a new generation of Nissan hear the wind (LEAF), I know that the production of pure electric car's value can be so high! Since 2009 has been sold 27 million units have been sold, hear the wind can be said that the world's most popular pure electric vehicles on the market. The new generation of hearings released in September this year is enough sultry, and the upcoming debut at the Tokyo Motor Show Nismo concept car is cool out of the new height, equipped with a Nismo sports design suit he believes will be many young consumers Favored. If the car came to China, I am afraid that many local new energy vehicles have to re-cosmetic capacity Caixing. This is the coolest generation of the wind, has been on sale in Japan If you have seen the last generation of the wind, you will be this new generation of hear the wind in the shape of how radical. This generation of the wind with Nissan's latest family-style V-Motion design language, both sides of the headlamps and closed grille connected fit GT2871 Turbo into a large V, the integration of the shape so that the front face more dynamic. Tough fog lights lines, whirlpool dart-style taillights, shark fin antenna and other elements are so that the car is full of dynamic and passion. With the prevailing words, this is called freestyle. Of course, a really cool car is not just the appearance of cool, have to have content Caixing. A new generation of listening to the wind by the motor +40 kilowatt hours of lithium-ion battery pack consisting of pure electric system, the maximum power of up to 110 kilowatts, the peak torque of 320 cattle meters, the maximum battery life of up to 400 km, but I do not believe a little The 400 km is a comprehensive operating conditions under the performance of life, perhaps Nissan with some special calculation method. In the fast-charge mode, the car can be filled with 80% in just 40 minutes. Too cool, the car is equipped with a ProPilot semi-automatic driving system, not only can assist with the car driving, and even can cope with the stop and stop the congestion road, his e-Pedal electronic pedal allows the driver only need to increase or decrease Stepping on the accelerator pedal of the intensity, you can easily complete the vehicle start, acceleration, deceleration and braking operations. Finally, talk about the size of the car: 4480 * 1790 * 1560mm, comparable to the mainstream compact class car 2700mm wheelbase so that this travel car also has a more comfortable ride space. Morning wind is dead, hear the wind may be made into China? In fact, to understand the size of this car, the author has been in the fantasy of this car Connecting Rods will not be lengthened. China is not impossible, but I am afraid to wait until the end of 2018, 2019 early, when his design and technical parameters will have an advantage? Independent brand may have been overwhelmed by the east wind it? Pull away, and say back to this car will be At the end of August this year, Renault - Nissan Alliance and Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. on the joint venture to set up a special production and sale of new energy vehicles joint venture - Yi Jie special new energy vehicles Limited (eGT). Renault - Nissan and Dongfeng each holding 50% of the shares, is expected to launch in 2019 the first product. Prior to Nissan Motor president Nishikawa wide in an interview also revealed that after 2018 there will be 10 balance of new energy models into the Chinese market. In fact, not only Renault - Nissan, other foreign brands have also set up a new energy joint venture in China, is undoubtedly a fancy to China's new energy car market great potential. There is a strong product force of the wind, Nissan there is no reason to hide the tucked not let him release the energy? Moreover, after the previous generation of the wind in China's twin brother - Kai Chen morning breeze in 2014 has been released, but because of the market environment, consumer awareness, supporting facilities and price factors such as obscurity. And now different from the past, "double points" policy has officially landed, Kai Chen Coilovers For Sale has also been independent from the Dongfeng Nissan, we further bold speculation, hear the wind will not be made by Kai Chen domestic, or the introduction of a new generation of morning wind?