Most car companies in the first three quarters of the task completion rate of less than 75%

Recently, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers announced the September sales data, which shows that passenger cars were sold 2,426,600, the chain appeared 24.92% high growth, compared with same period last year increased by 3.27%; as of the end of September, the first three quarters of this year Passenger cars were sold 17.1550 million, an increase of 2.38%. Although the growth rate is micro-growth, but with the new brand has continued to enter, scattered sales data, resulting in some auto companies do not increase sales. 2017 calendar has been turned over 3/4, there are still a number of car sales did not reach 75% of annual sales target. Joint venture three strong to complete Qi Cheng In addition to the overall data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the recent auto companies also publicly disclosed sales figures, passenger car market, the three giants - SAIC-Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen and SAIC-GM still maintain its position, sales in September Ranking is still solid in the top three. SAIC Volkswagen September sales of 21.86 million, an increase of 22.39%; FAW-Volkswagen sales of 19.85 million (including Audi imported cars), an increase of 6%; SAIC-GM sales of 18.67 million, an increase of 7.86%. Prior to the three joint ventures, only the FAW-Volkswagen open their own sales in 2017 target of 1.96 million, and from January to September this year, FAW-Volkswagen cumulative sales of 139.66 million (including Audi imported cars), an increase of 2.3% The FAW-Volkswagen in the first three quarters to complete the annual sales target of 71.26%. SAIC Volkswagen and SAIC GM two car prices, although not announced sales targets, but with reference to last year's annual sales results found that this year SAIC Volkswagen 9 months sales reached 1.4726 million, equivalent to 73.64% of sales last year; January-September sales of 1.3621 million, last year sales reached 1.88 million, the first 9 months of this year's sales performance is only last year's 72.45%. Taking into account the overall growth of the automobile market, SAIC and SAIC GM's Connecting Rods sales target also increased over last year, therefore, in fact, SAIC and SAIC GM's first three quarters of sales completion is also 70% up and down. Independent brand of ice difference In the China Automobile Industry Association's sales rankings, only three independent brands finalists, they are Geely Automobile, Changan Automobile and Great Wall Motor. Geely Automobile since the beginning of the year all the way triumphant, sales for several months a month on a substantial increase in sales, from January to September this year, Geely Automobile total sales of 827,100, up nearly 80% year on year, according to the beginning of the development of 1 million sales Target calculation, has completed the annual task of 82%. However, during the middle of the year, Geely Automobile to raise sales target to 1.1 million, even so, Geely Automobile now the results have been completed 75% of the task. Changan brand passenger car sales in September to 103,505, an increase of 35%. In the past few months, Changan Automobile into a sales dilemma, despite the rich SUV products, but sales have failed to maintain a strong, so this year, Changan opened official sales promotion model in the third quarter to drive sales growth. Changan this year's sales target of 1.79 million, the first half of the amount of only 43%, the first three quarters of sales fell over the same period last year, the completion of sales targets is not optimistic. While the Great Wall Motor sales in October to 102,000, an increase of 4.46%, from January to September this year, the cumulative sales of 706,000, up slightly 2.25%. Although the Great Wall Motor performed well, but the beginning of the development of sales targets up to 1.25 million, the current task is only completed 56.48%. Japan and South Korea brand Qi growth September Korean brand appeared to pick up, Beijing Hyundai and Dongfeng Yueda Kia (microblogging) have seen a substantial increase in the chain, the former sales in September reached 85,000, the chain growth of more than 60%, although the sales of only 4 Million, but relative to the August data has grown more than 70%. The first three quarters of this year, Beijing's cumulative sales of modern has reached 501,100, from the beginning of the proposed 1.25 million sales target has a considerable gap, only completed 40%. Once in the Korean brand into the plight of sales took the opportunity to snatch the Japanese brand of the market, there is still a strong performance in September this year. Dongfeng Nissan's Nissan and Kai Chen two brands in September sales of 10.29 million, an increase of 30%, the first three quarters of total sales of 772,000, an increase of 11.4%. This result accounted for 71.48% of the annual sales target of 1.08 million. Dongfeng brand in September terminal sales exceeded 74,000, an increase of 29.3%, from January to H Beam Connecting Rods September this year, fit BMW E46 Coilovers for sale Dongfeng Honda terminal sales have sold 517,000, compared with the same period last year, a substantial increase of 27.3%. While Dongfeng Honda's sales target of 650,000 this year, has now completed 80% of the target. Therefore, Dongfeng Honda decided to challenge the annual sales target of 680,000.