View of the designer He Ge special leave

The first financial reporter learned from the concept of the car within the H Beam Connecting Rods exclusive, joined in the concept of nearly seven years after the vice president, responsible for the overall design of the car to the overall design (Gert Volker Hildebrand) officially left. Guan Qiyong, vice president of market and communication to the reporter told reporters that He Ge special leave completely because of personal reasons can not continue to work in China. View of the designer He Ge special leave As one of the four core executives with an international background, He Gert has been regarded as the soul of the car design for many years. Prior to joining the car, he served as BMW MINI design director. In his nearly 40 years of career, he has worked in the public, BMW and other car companies responsible for the design work, the design of many classic models such as Countryman / Cabrio / VW Golf III / OpelKadett E and other models. At that time, because of including Ho Ho, including a series of internationally Connecting Rods renowned people to join, so that the concept of the car from the birth has been marked "high-end brand" label. Chinese enterprises, European standards and international team is the concept of the car's three key words. Chery Automobile Chairman Yin Tongyue had previously interviewed the first financial reporter, he said that for the autonomous car prices, the brand is a river, so he was pleased that the concept has been standing on the opposite of the river. And the current Great Wall of WEY, Geely's collar grams of brand, still high-end line struggling to explore different, the concept of the car on the brand held high play really has been deeply rooted. View of the designer He Ge special leave Ning Yuyong told the first financial reporter, after he left, his team will inherit the German style of H Beam Rods his previous design, while strengthening the Chinese consumer tastes and style of understanding.