BMW Daimler Volkswagen was investigated by the European Union

Following last Friday's BMW headquarters was attacked by EU antitrust H Beam Connecting Rods officials, Daimler and the public were spared from being investigated by the European Union. This may prove the real existence of the shaking monopoly case. BMW Daimler Volkswagen was investigated by the EU 20 years of monopoly or sit real? According to Reuters, EU antitrust officials have expanded their investigation into possible collusion and monopolies of German carmakers. Following the BMW, Daimler and the public began to become the latest survey. Monopoly gate events can be traced back to July this year. July 21, the German magazine "Der Spiegel" has issued a cover article said that from the 90s of last century, the German major car manufacturers Volkswagen Group and its subsidiaries Audi, Porsche, and BMW, Daimler and other five car prices each other Collusion constitutes an illegal monopoly alliance, suspected of the core technology, control of suppliers and prices on the monopoly, more than 200 employees participated in up to 60 secret talks. Subsequently, the EU regulators said they are investigating possible actions between German carmakers, suspected of plotting to manipulate diesel and other technology prices over the past few decades. On Friday, after the BMW headquarters was assaulted, Daimler issued official sources saying that it had taken the initiative to expose the possible antitrust agreement to the EU and submitted a petition for exemption. But on Monday, Daimler's workplace began to be checked by EU officials. A Daimler spokeswoman said the expected inspections of the EU implementing agency are currently under way. Subsequently, the public also said Monday that EU investigators conducted an investigation at its headquarters in Wolfsburg and its Audi in the German city of Ingolstadt in southern Germany. "These inspections are related to concerns of European Commissioners, and some suspects that Connecting Rods German automakers may violate EU antitrust rules," the European Commission said in a statement. BMW Daimler Volkswagen was investigated by the EU 20 years of monopoly or sit real? 20 years of monopoly really exist? In July, according to Bloomberg News, Daimler and the public have admitted to the EU to participate in monopoly organizations, Daimler prior to the public to the EU "surrender", while the public to the EU has provided important evidence, hoping to reduce punishment. According to the EU antitrust rules, companies involved may face a fine of about 10% of their global turnover, but if a car company wants to get immunity, it must first submit to the EU the cartel monopoly case of sufficient information and evidence. However, BMW has refused to admit that it joined the antitrust alliance. Despite the previous European Commission has been informed of the existence of the monopoly of the news, and said the German car companies involved in the investigation, but has no specific action. The BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen headquarters have been checked by the European Union, may confirm the existence of the possibility of this monopoly case. However, the EU said that these investigations are early investigations, does not mean that any company it has checked is sentenced to violate the monopoly. However, according to Bloomberg quoted sources informed that the US judiciary on the German car prices suspected of monopoly is also very important to start for the German car prices are suspected of a monopoly agreement in the United States to investigate, but the current judicial department is only a preliminary investigation. 2015, the public "emission door" has been the German auto industry has been a major blow, H Beam Rods and now also involved in the back of a 20-year history of monopoly organizations, if the final investigation is true, the German car prices will once again pay a heavy price.